But does it djent?

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Mayones Guitars - Regius 8

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Yo, guys

In the last months I haven’t been uploading anything to this blog because I’ve been really fucking busy, I’m going to championships, I’m graduating and I’ve been working a lot on personal projects and you know, that kind of stuff. 

But from now on, I’m going to try to give this blog a little more attention and keep uploading pics as long as I have time in my schedule.

Well, that’s about it haha

Have a nice day

supra—hero replied to your post: Bad move, ViK guitars Baaaad move.

I’m out of the loop what happened?

Cynic’s Paul and Sean came out as gay. Paul used a .strandberg* headless guitar (he has a signature model). Aand Vik, from ViK guitars, posted a status in which he said that headless guitars had always turned him down, but in a really derogative way. So basically he was disrespectful to all gay people and all of the headless guitar players. He basically fucked it up in a facebook status

dissonantwalrus replied to your post: dissonantwalrus replied to your post: …

pretty much! considering that incident a couple months ago where he went off about people ‘copying his designs’ I imagine he didn’t have the best reputation but he’s just killed it completely today for literally no good reason

He was slowly getting worse. I read some comments on forums where the customers had LOTS of complains because of the services he delivered, and well, now with that status he killed it.

And the status is pretty much stupid, the logic he uses is ” Paul uses headless guitars > hence everyone who uses headless guitars is gay > headless guitars are gay”

I’m so pissed hahahah

To those who are wondering why I wrote the “Bad move, Vik…” post, here’s the reason why


It’s in regard to Cynic’s Paul and Sean coming out as gay

dissonantwalrus replied to your post: Bad move, ViK guitars Baaaad move.

he deserves whatever’s coming and what’s already happened to his reputation.

He basically ruined his career hahaha 

His guitars are good, but now that he wrote that he lost 90% of his possible customers. 

I respect the fact that there are different beliefs in this world, and everyone has it’s own opinion, but damn, there are things that shouldn’t be said

But yeah! You’re right, he deserves whatever’s coming hahahah